So here is how we’ve met…

Once upon a time…
A boy and a girl fell in love

– FFW-


So we went on our holiday to snowy and freezing New York in february twenty-seventeen
The first time for Mandy in the Apple! Yeah! Exciting times!

My plan was to ask her to marry me on her birthday, Feb 6.
But I had to figure out somehow where and when…
So on the 6th of Feb… After a nice stroll in Central Park we were at the Bow Bridge…

Drrrrrrumrollssss please!


I went down on one knee, and she said ‘YES’!


And now we are here, ready to add a new chapter in our lives.
Preppin’ our August summer weddingparty 🙂 where we would love to have laughs, drinks & dance with you!

So we hope to see you on August, eighteen  –  twenty-eighteen

With love,
Ad & Mandy

PS: Don’t forget to RSVP!